Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is he proud?...of course

I have had a lot of time to reflect this weekend. I really don't think I have had the time, but God is pointing out so many things in my everyday life and giving me nudges in my Spirit. I haven't felt very well this past week physically, the "pill" that was to regulate me has not. It is all okay, we will be situated soon enough
I was sitting at my son's basketball game yesterday. He is in 4th grade, and he made the school basketball team. I have watched him all season, and have felt for him on many occasions. This is the first time he has really played basketball competitively. He has played basketball since he was 4, but it was more recreational games. This league is organized so 4th and 5th graders play ball just like they will in Middle School. Anyway, I watched him the first game, and I could see the anxiety on his face. I felt for him, I wanted to go and do it for him. He knew the fundementals, but didn't know how to put it all together. Since then I have seen him "get it". Yesterday he scored his first TWO POINTS....I had tears, it was the most amazing moment to see him excel after the hard work. I wanted to stand up and say "That is my boy". I was beaming and it made me so proud. Were there boys who have had 10-12 points a game? Yes, but those two were like 45 to me.
As I sat there, I ask my best friend "You, know I wonder if that is how God is with us."....I think it is. I think as we enter the game of Christian life, we are so anxious about the plays, and how we are to live. When we go by the playbook (bible), and we become more comfortable with its plays we start to "get it". We enter the court, and are a little unsure of his commands. He is the most loving coach though, and is full of forgiveness and love. He keeps yelling to us, "Keep going, I love you,and I am here". That is what I am to Trenton his mom to say "Keep going, I love you,and I am here". It doesn't matter if you are the best player, keep playing the game. We have a Father in heaven that beams with love for us. He gives us the assurance that he is there, and is the greatest coach because he tells what we are doing wrong and gives us the plays to fix it. His son stood up and died for us, and he would do it again.
This morning, I woke up and my Sarah was running a fever. She said her throat hurt, and by the smell of her mouth when she opened it to let me see her tonsils, I suspected Strep. If Sarah is going to get sick, it is Sunday morning. Lloyd and Trenton went on to church, and I will go tonight. Her temperature was 102.1 when we left the house. I am so glad that CVS has the Minute Clinic because our pediatrician does not see patients on the weekend anymore. As we were sitting there, I began to pray over her, and I haven't given her anti-fever meds yet. I began to just rock her, and tell the Lord that we needed him to heal her because I know he doesn't like for his children to be sick and he has provided the means of healing for us. I told him he sent his son and he took the stripes for us, and I just prayed over her until they called us back. We got back there, and I was right, STREP. The nurse practitioner took her temperature and it was 99.1. God is an awesome God, and I trust him. Then she surprisingly threw-up all over me and the very sweet practitioner (just a proud badge a mother wears).
The Lord has really been speaking into my heart over the last few months about constant communion with him. A daily continual conversation like a conversation I would have with my husband. I am to talk with him and tell him my inner most thoughts even though I know he knows everything about me including, the hairs on my head, he desires for me to long to be with him. I don't just want to call on him in my hour of trouble, but I want to know him to the point that I have a prayer for him on my tongue every minute of everyday. I want him to know I love him regardless of the circumstances in my life.
It is so awesome to have a Father who loves us regardless if we can play ball or not, he has plays (his word) , and we just have to walk with him and follow his directions. He will welcome us with open arms.

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