Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Big Move



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year!!!

It has definitely been awhile. It has been a busy month for sure, or should I say month and a half. It is such a mad dash from November to January, but I love the Holiday season. I do know that I need to be more prepared for next year. I want to enjoy the Christmas season without having to rush around everywhere, trying to find everything. We usually start shopping Thanksgiving Day, and then are usually done by the first of December. We were NOT at all that organized this year. I would love to start my shopping in October, and be DONE!!! by Thanksgiving. We will see how that goes...LOL.
Anyway, we had a wonderful white Christmas, and it was such a blessing. Since I was a child, I have never stayed in one place at Christmas, and when I had kids they have always been hauled around everywhere. To take some of the burden of Christmas Day off of us, we go to my Dad's house Christmas Eve. We have a nice dinner, and just spend time together as a family. We usually wake up Christmas Morning, and open presents with just the 4 of us. After the presents, by lunch time we have company come over or we go to hubby's family's house for Christmas. After that, we go to have Christmas with my sisters. Since our mother passed away in 2001, we still get together, and eat sausage balls, open gifts, and just spend time together.
A lot of things are changing in the Gibson household. I have registered to go back to school this semester, after 8 years of being out. I have my Associates in Nursing, but I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree and my hopes are to go onto to Nurse Practitioner School. I have found that a lot of times while serving the Lord, that when you pray to follow his will and way for your life, he gives nudges in the direction you are to go. Ministry is defined as reaching ones for Christ, no matter what profession. I love being a nurse, and I love the puzzle of medicine. I cannot wait to be able to see patients, and help them manage their health. I have definitely been given the gift of compassion, and no greater way to use it, than to serve people.
I am still holding onto a promise the Lord has given to me regarding a special prayer I have had, regarding our children. I am not at liberty to divulge just yet, but I surely will when it is time. I will be shouting from the rooftops. I know that God's hand is in this, and I have to hang onto his promise. There are times that my flesh wants to push it aside, but I have been given confirmation after confirmation. I am just ready to see the physical manifestation of the promise. I have faith that it will all work out, and I know God would never lie to us....God never leads us, to drop us. As, I was praying regarding this matter....and thanked God for thinking of us...etc. That still small voice spoke so frankly.."It is not because of you, I am doing this, this has been my plan all along."..Wow, whew what a way to humble a person...LOL. I did not take it that way at all. What the Lord meant was I cannot prevent this from happening, that if something was set motion before there was time...It CANNOT BE STOPPED...I have absolutely nothing to do with it, and that his Grace is sufficient or his unearned favor is enough....that is what it means. What a mighty God I serve that even through my imperfections, and my mess ups...He will still carry on with his plan as it blesses our family. It leaves me speechless..(if you know me, that is very uncharacteristic). My mind cannot fathom the magnitude of how this is going to change the dynamics of our family. I was in deep prayer concerning this "secret". I began thanking the Lord for his promises, and I was just in awe of his faithfulness. The Lord let me know that because I have chosen him and have chosen to obey him (even when it was near impossible to do so), that my seed will be abundantly blessed. There have been times in our lives that I have come to crossroads of decision, and they were very critical ones. I have done my very best to do what God has told me to do, and he began to show me that every time I choose obedience, it is taking me one step closer to his promises and blessings. It isn't that I am earning them with each step, but they have been and are there all along. My obedience is the key that unlocks the promise because obedience is better than sacrifice. It pleases God to see a heart that loves him and strives to be in the center of his will. I am not trying to be self righteous at all because it is a daily task to stay on path. If someone asked me what my number one prayer would be concerning my life, it would be that my son and daughter would be so richly blessed of the Lord in everything they do, and that they would become a mighty man and woman of greatness for him. That is my heart's desire!!!! I know that God is faithful, and I cannot wait to be able to share this testimony with you!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Master of Distraction!!!

Life has been extra busy lately!! Just so much on my much to think many decisions to's full time...housework....husband...pug....Sometimes I feel like I am in a complete whirlwind. I think, at times, when it get likes this we completely lose touch with who we are and who we are suppose to be.

By this, I mean, we lose our complete purpose of being on this earth. Our complete purpose is to bring Glory to God, and to be his hands and voices extended. The Lord began to show me over the last week, just how the enemy works against us. I have been heavily involved with making the right decision for Trenton regarding middle school. I have really spent a lot of time in prayer seeking the Lord regarding this. I know he is beginning one of many major life transitions, and it cannot be taken lightly. The Lord has given me answers and promises during my prayer time, and has assured me that his way is right and I am to follow as he leads. Okay. The Lord spoke it, it is a done deal...YES!!...not so easy. It has been a real faith battle...I mean I live in the flesh, and everything he has spoken has been in the Spirit realm. I believe everything he says..I mean everything. It doesn't make the fighting the flesh any easier.

This is what the Lord has shown me.....He never changes, His word never changes, His promises never changes, He is and always will be truth...Nothing changes that. So if God never changes, what changes?? US!!!!!! The enemy does not want us to obtain anything the Lord has for us in our lives because if we did, the Lord would get all of the glory, and therefore would change hearts and lives of the people around us!! His tactics are to keep us so tied in knots that we cannot see past our own face. He keeps us so inward focused that we have no time to see past our own situations. I mean, the situations that have already been tagged, A Promise. So if God promises us something, then the right thing to do would be to accept it...and move on. Easy? Nope. If we are not careful we let the little weapon the enemy calls doubt creep in. In such a subtle way we try to figure out how God will do it, When, Where, What, etc. So in the midst of the doubt, there are many missed opportunities to minister outside of ourselves. He keeps us toiling and wondering. Hey! If God promises something, he is always good on his word. The very one who created truth, spoke it. WOW! I am so glad the Lord loves me enough to call me on my flaws, and is loving enough to teach me. Why?

You see, here is the whole situation. I work in a school setting, and I will admit I have spent many days full of anxiety and worry about my children's future. What God began to show me is he has promises for them that he has revealed to me, yet I was still toiling. That was the tactic of the enemy. If he kept me busy worrying about my own life, then I was letting the opportunities pass me by to be Christ to the world that I work in. I mean, opportunities to minister to children who have no one to encourage them, tell them they are worth something, to help them through tragedies of life, to pat them on the back and smile, to meet whatever need they have at that moment, as the Lord leads. SOOO I have determined in myself to push the promises of God, for my own family, into a place in my heart called...ACCEPTANCE...taking God at his word, and counting it DONE. Kind of like a folder in a filing cabinet...Just waiting on the date to arrive to put it in the DONE box, after it manifests physically.

It has been such a freeing experience. I am not going to sit here and say it is going to easy, but I am glad the Lord revealed to me what was truly going on. It is up to me to keep the filing cabinet closed, and my heart open to others around me. God is a God of his word, and he will not lie.

Numbers 23:19

God is not a man, that he should lie,

Nor a son of man, that he should repent,

Has he said, will he not do?

Or has he spoken, and will not make it good?

Pretty much sums it up...God is NOT a man, so he doesn't lie...Lying is not in him....He is not a son of man...he doesn't need to repent...So if he speaks it, he will do it...and if he has spoken...he will make good on it!!! He is Good!! He is Truth!! Therefore, he doesn't waver from his word or his character!! Yay!!! So glad he loves me so!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Catch up time!!

Gosh, I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since I posted. I have had so much going on lately. It has definitely been a transition year, for sure. Trenton is in 5th grade, and Sarah is in 2nd. Trenton has had to really push himself this year, and well, I have been behind him I have seen a glimpse of the "tween" years, and it is very "nice". I cannot believe he will be in middle school next year. I look at his face, and see that little round faced toddler who absolutely adored his Mommy. I hate it because as he gets older, I have to make sure he is going in the right direction. In that process, he becomes frustrated because he feels I don't understand him or I am against him. (Yes, this starts as early as 10). He is like an old man, trapped in a 10 year old's body. He understands and grasps so much, but doesn't quite know how to implement it. He has so much potential, and as his mother, I see so much. I have been assigned by the Lord to be the vehicle to drive him to his destiny. I can't do it for him, but my assignment is to do everything I can to equip him. I think, on somedays, it is much easier to slack. When I am sitting at the table for hours making sure his homework is done with "excellence", and not half-way, and I become weary at his lack of interest, it is at those times....I wonder, is this really going to pay off? I don't know why I second guess myself, or the Lord for that matter. If he has given me a mission, then he will equip me to complete it. The Lord is so faithful, and I know now why the Lord has given us kids. They are the instrument the Lord uses to drive us to our knees. Sarah is our 7 year old, and she is in 2nd grade. She is still in the innocent years, and I am enjoying it while it lasts. I pray for her daily that she will be used mightily for the Lord, as I do for Trenton.
I spent many years wondering what great "call" does the Lord have for me....Well, I may not be great at anything, but I do know that I will be the mother of Trenton and Sarah.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Just keeping swimming, just keep swimming!!!

I have often been reminded of the saying out of the Disney movie Finding Dori was trying to encourage Nemo's dad...keep going...Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming. Their ultimate goal was to get to Nemo, and whatever it took they were going to find him. The Lord opened this up in my Spirit. He lays promises ahead, and lets us know they are ours. We must keep focused, and keep pushing forward until we reach our destination . Just because God has given us a promise doesn't mean there won't be opposition. ON the contrary, it will be even more difficult because the enemy of our soul does NOT want us to obtain anything from the Lord, especially his perfect will.

I have something that the LORD promised to us, and is leading us to. I have not been prepared for the winds and storms that have tried to come against us. If anything, the Lord has taught me that anything worth having has to be contended for. I often thought, if the Lord promises this to us then it is easy breezy...LOL. I have learned otherwise. He is teaching me to be a warrior, he is teaching me to be like a push until my opponent is on the ground!!! I must not back up one inch or believe anything against what the Lord has promised. It takes a conscientious effort to be on guard at all times. I must be vigilant because the enemy seeks to steal our blessing, kill our spirit, and destroy anything the Lord has for us. It must be a constant mission to be on guard and stay focused on the prize which is set before us.